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Redefining Data Security Standards

Data is the cornerstone of modern enterprises, and its protection is paramount. Acronis, with its prowess in cyber protection, harnesses the power of Cloudhost DataLife to elevate its Cyber Protect suite. This integration ensures a formidable 99.9% data recovery rate, setting a new industry benchmark. With Cloudhost DataLife’s cloud expertise, Acronis offers a comprehensive defense mechanism against evolving data threats, ensuring data integrity and accessibility. This synergy provides businesses with a streamlined solution, ensuring data remains secure and readily available, even in the most challenging scenarios.


Cyber Protect Suite

Comprehensive backup, disaster recovery, and cybersecurity.

Cloud Expertise

Cloudhost DataLife's solutions enhance Acronis' offerings.

Vulnerability Assessment

Proactive vulnerability scans.

Remote Management

Efficient data protection management.

#CyberFit Score

With built-in backup capabilities, InstaCloud safeguards your critical applications, ensuring business resilience.

Expanded Benefits of Cloudhost DataLife for Acronis

Enhanced Data Security

Leverage Cloudhost DataLife’s expertise for top-tier protection against data threats.

Optimized Recovery Rates

A 99.9% data recovery rate ensures business continuity.

Cost Efficiency

Streamlined cloud solutions for infrastructure savings.


Seamlessly adapt to growing data needs.

Global Accessibility

Data accessibility from any location for operational efficiency.

E-commerce Platforms

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Healthcare Institutions

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Financial Services

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Educational Institutions

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Manufacturing Industries

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While there are several data protection solutions available, Acronis, when combined with Cloudhost DataLife, offers a unique blend of features and benefits tailored for businesses.
Acronis True Image supports a wide range of file systems, ensuring compatibility with diverse storage solutions.
Configuration is streamlined through the integrated Cyber Protect Suite, with additional enhancements from Cloudhost DataLife.
Acronis offers various licensing options, including perpetual licenses, to cater to different business needs.

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