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Overview of Partnership Program

Forge a powerful alliance with CloudHost, where we don’t just collaborate, but co-create a future teeming with possibilities and success. Our partnership program is meticulously designed to intertwine your unique capabilities with our technological prowess, ensuring that together, we not only meet customer expectations but exceed them in every possible dimension. Navigating through the complex world of IT solutions, we aim to deliver not just services but excellence, ensuring your business not only grows but thrives in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Why Partner with CloudHost?

Unlock a World of Infinite Possibilities

Lucrative Rewards

Dive into a realm where your efforts are richly rewarded. Our generous commissions, enticing sales incentives, and steadfast support in agent recruitment are meticulously crafted to ensure your endeavors are always profitable.

A Comprehensive Portfolio

Become a beacon of reliability and security for your customers, providing them with steadfast connections and innovative solutions, all underpinned by our robust technological framework.

Innovative Marketing Backing

Elevate your market presence with our automated co-branded campaigns, prospecting events, and strategic messaging, all designed to fuel demand and carve a distinct space for your offerings in the market.

Continuous Learning

Immerse yourself in a world of knowledge with our live and on-demand training modules, ensuring you remain the expert in the latest technological advancements, always ready to cater to the evolving demands of the market.

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Partner Program

Types of Partners

Channel Partner

Agents and Technology Consultants partner with CloudHost to leverage our technical expertise as well as our managed services. CloudHost is considered a trusted advisor that partners rely on to offer their clients transformative Cloud Solutions & Technology.

VAR Partner

Seamlessly integrate CloudHost’s innovative products with your value-added capabilities, crafting a technological experience that’s not only seamless but also remarkably innovative for your clientele.

Independent Software Vendors (ISV) & Technology Consultants

Become the vital link that seamlessly connects our innovative solutions to diverse markets, ensuring optimal functionality, and unparalleled success in every venture.

Service Partner

Establish a foundational infrastructure delivery model, meticulously facilitating desired business outcomes through strategic project execution and maintenance, ensuring every need of the market is met with precision and expertise.

What We Can Do Together

Crafting a Future, Together

Holistic Infrastructure Assessment

Engage in a comprehensive evaluation of existing on-prem infrastructures, ensuring every aspect is meticulously analyzed and optimized for future endeavors.

Optimal Cloud Platform Mapping

Tailor cloud platforms to diverse workloads and applications, ensuring a seamless transition and functionality, while always being ready to adapt to the evolving technological landscape.

Migration Excellence

Facilitate a smooth, efficient migration of workloads to the most suitable environment, ensuring every transition is not only smooth but also enhances operational efficiency.

Expanding Cloud Solutions

Explore an ever-expanding portfolio of cloud solutions, ensuring your clients always have access to the pinnacle of technological advancements in Backup, Compliance, Security, Disaster Recovery, Network Access, and more.

White Glove Service

Tailor solutions to meet specific requirements, ensuring every client feels valued, heard, and prioritized, crafting a customer experience that’s unparalleled in its excellence.

Success Stories

Celebrating Milestones, Together
Dive into our reservoir of success stories, where our partners have not only achieved but exceeded their business aspirations. From skyrocketing revenues by 150% to expanding customer bases across continents, the tales of triumph are endless and ever-inspiring, providing not only a glimpse into what’s possible but also a roadmap to success that’s both inspiring and informative.

Talk to our experts

Navigating through the technological landscape can be intricate and challenging. Our experts at CloudHost are here to guide you, ensuring every step you take is steadfast and every decision, data-driven. Let’s explore the uncharted territories of success together, ensuring your journey is smooth, rewarding, and above all, successful, while always being supported by a team of experts dedicated to your success.