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Optimize Multi-Cloud for Success


Centralized and consolidated management of distributed IT infrastructure through a single window interface


Provision resources and environment for multi-tier applications across distributed IT for optimized performance and business continuity


Implement uniform governance and security policies across private, public, and on-premise IT for effective compliance management

How you’ve realized the value of Cloud


Centralized Hybrid- and Multi-Cloud Deployments

Configure private clouds with readily available cloud integrations while managing access to public clouds to deploy and manage hybrid- and multi-cloud environments through a single interface

Self-Service Provisioning

Provision resources, including virtual machines, OS, databases, servers, and more, at the touch of a click with pre-defined templates

Granular Access Control

Role-based access control enables you to determine user access to features, cloud, catalog, and APIs with provisions for disabling entire UI sections

Comprehensive Centralized Logging and Auditing

Centralized logging and auditing that combines with extensive support for policy enforcement and configuration management across different cloud platforms


Improved Operational Efficiencies

Centralized management and visibility into resources combined with instance and application monitoring empowers you to optimize performance and improve operational efficiencies

Enhanced Cost Efficiencies

With cost monitoring and analytics, Fusion Cloud enables you to reduce cloud and distributed IT costs by 30% to help you drive cost-effective operations at scale

Streamlined Governance and Compliance

Powered with granular access control, Fusion Cloud simplifies the implementation of security policies uniformly across your multi- and hybrid-cloud environments streamlining governance and adherence to regulatory compliance

Improved End-User Experiences

With instant and simplified provisioning, the cloud management platform enables you to scale the resources in real time to deliver enhanced end-user experiences, even during peak loads

Watch how the simplicity of Fusion Platform improves your efficiency and productivity.

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Transform ITOps from End-to-End

Fusion Cloud empowers you to transform each phase of hybrid- and multi-cloud environments

Client Edge
Push Button DR
Expedient Enterprise Cloud
Public, Private Cloud
Co location
Push Button DR
Hyperscale Cloud
Event Driven Systems
Highly Elastic Virtual Machines


Offering a centralized and unified cloud management of multi- and hybrid-cloud environments through a centralized platform, Fusion Cloud empowers you with an automation-first approach to provision, deploy, and optimize resources across diverse cloud platforms. Powered by comprehensive monitoring and reporting, Fusion Cloud provides you end-to-end visibility, greater control, and extensive insights into cloud infrastructure and application performance to bring you a one-stop shop for simplifying cloud operations management.

Developer Ready


Equipped with comprehensive cost management features, Fusion Cloud provides complete visibility into resource consumption, cloud spending, and cost allocation across providers. Its intuitive cost analytics engine brings you actionable expenditure optimization recommendations by identifying idle resources, right-sizing options, and providing cost-saving suggestions to empower you with a complete platform for managing and optimizing IT expenditure in enterprise-grade distributed cloud infrastructure.

Identify Access
End Point Security


Integrated with robust security protocols and tools, Fusion Cloud gives you granular control over what and how users can access, ensuring secure access and governance over cloud resources and tools. Backed by integrations for industry-leading security tools, the cloud management platform facilitates you with the ability to continuously monitor for security threats ensuring you proactively eliminate any gaps that could compromise your business operations.



With seamless integrations to CI/CD tools, artifact repositories, and version control systems, Fusion Cloud brings you a DevOps-ready platform with the agility to host and manage multi-tier applications while leveraging the benefits of different cloud providers and environments to the maximum. Powered by automation-driven application deployment, environment provisioning, and configuration management, the cloud management platform enables you to create continuous delivery and deployment pipelines to roll out new features seamlessly.

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