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Harnessing the power of Zerto’s advanced technology, Cloudhost Data Life offers businesses unparalleled data security and recovery solutions. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee[^1^], features like continuous protection, flexible deployment options, and platform-agnostic capabilities make it a top choice for modern enterprises. Esteemed organizations such as Denovo and Columbus Metropolitan Library have placed their trust in Zerto, underscoring its reliability and efficiency in safeguarding critical data.


Recovery Assurance

Ensuring data integrity, this feature guarantees that recovery processes are optimized for immediate action.

Virtual Protection Groups

Tailored for application-level protection, this feature allows for logical grouping of VMs, ensuring related applications and their dependencies are recovered in tandem.

Efficient Design

Built on the foundation of continuous data protection (CDP), it ensures minimal data loss with recovery point objectives (RPO) of mere seconds.

Network Flexibility

Catering to diverse infrastructures, Cloudhost DataLife for Zerto is hypervisor and storage agnostic, allowing seamless deployment across various platforms.

Simplified Pricing

With flexible billing models, businesses can effectively manage costs, paying only for the resources they utilize.

Fully-Managed DataLife Experience

Offering a hands-off experience, this feature ensures that data protection processes are overseen by experts, leaving no room for errors.

DataLife Deployment Service

Streamlining the installation and setup process, ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructures.

Self-Service Testing

Empowering businesses with autonomy, this feature allows for full failover tests without impacting production.

Benefits of Cloudhost DataLife for Zerto

Ransomware Resilience

With real-time encryption detection, Zerto alerts users within seconds of potential ransomware attacks, minimizing data loss and downtime.

Robust Disaster Recovery

Zerto’s software-only solution converges disaster recovery, backup, and data mobility, ensuring swift recovery of applications from any location.

Continuous Data Protection

Built on a customer data platform (CDP), Zerto offers continuous data protection, eliminating the risks associated with modernization and cloud adoption.

Enterprise Scalability

Designed for enterprise scale, Zerto’s platform is scalable, ensuring that businesses can grow without compromising on data protection.

Simplified Management

With a comprehensive administration guide, Zerto ensures that businesses have all the configuration information they need for all platforms.

Trusted by Thousands

Earning the trust of over 9,000 customers worldwide, Zerto’s solutions are recognized for their reliability and efficiency.

Future-Proof Solution

As a software-only solution, Zerto is independent of hardware, ensuring that it remains relevant and effective in the face of evolving technology landscapes.

Global Managed Service Providers

Zerto underpins offerings for major cloud platforms and is trusted by over 350 managed service providers globally.

Agile Data Protection

With built-in orchestration and automation, Zerto ensures agile data protection, offering simplicity and enterprise scale.

Hybrid Infrastructure Management

With the rise of hybrid infrastructures, Zerto's solution stands out by supporting replication between and within sites for various platforms....
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Ransomware Resilience

In an era where cyber threats are rampant, Zerto's real-time encryption detection offers businesses a shield against potential ransomware attacks,...
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Streamlined Disaster Recovery

Zerto converges disaster recovery, backup, and data mobility into a single, scalable platform. This holistic approach ensures that businesses can...
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Multi-Cloud Mobility

As businesses diversify their cloud strategies, Zerto's capability to move workloads seamlessly between platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and more...
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Optimized Data Protection

Built on a customer data platform (CDP) with integrated orchestration and automation, Zerto offers continuous data protection, minimizing risks associated...
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Migration and Replication

Zerto supports migration, recovery, and replication in different cloud environments, ensuring businesses have the agility to adapt to changing needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– Ransomware Resilience
– Streamlined Disaster Recovery
– Multi-Cloud Mobility
Zerto provides software for virtualized infrastructures and cloud environments, ensuring data is stored securely across platforms.
Zerto’s unique approach converges disaster recovery, backup, and data mobility into a single platform, offering ransomware resilience and multi-cloud mobility solutions.
Zerto supports replication between and within sites for various platforms, enabling multi-cloud mobility for moving workloads and ensuring swift recovery operations.

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