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Overview of Manufacturing Cloud Transformation Solutions

It’s no secret that emerging technologies have paved the way for the next big industrial revolution with Industry 4.0. The advent of Industry 4.0 has unlocked a flood of opportunities for the manufacturing sector. However, most manufacturing organizations continue to rely on rigid legacy infrastructures that are not compatible with transformative technology and limit their capacity to store and process data at scale.
CloudHost’s Manufacturing Cloud provides you with end-to-end cloud technology and expertise to realize your manufacturing goals and upgrade your IT infrastructure to adapt to Industry 4.0. Providing future-ready and cost-effective scalable infrastructure, CloudHost’s manufacturing cloud empowers you with the agility to improve product quality, eliminate resource wastage, enhance employee safety and productivity, and thrive in today’s remote-first employment landscape. Are you equipped to survive and thrive in the fast-changing and hyper-competitive manufacturing industry of the future?

Roadblocks in Journey to Industry 4.0

Legacy and Rigid IT

Incompatibility with Emerging Technologies

Lack of Skilled IT Talent

Non-Compliance with Data Privacy & Security Regulations

High Cost of Digital Transformation

Disparate and Siloed Data Management

Unleash The Future of Manufacturing
with CloudHost

Autoscaling Infrastructure

Our manufacturing cloud’s auto-provisioning feature empowers you to scale your resources up or down in real time to meet the evolving demands of your operations. Whether you are a manufacturing organization or an independent software vendor looking to scale your software distribution, the dynamically scaling infrastructure helps you cost-effectively manage the needs of your business and deliver seamless end-user experiences

Customized Cloud Transformation Journeys

We understand that cloud transformation isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach and work closely with all stakeholders to devise customized cloud transformation strategies. Our synergy of expertise, experience, and technology enables us to guide you each step of the way and help you tailor your cloud transformation to fulfill your existing and future business goals.

Strong Partner Ecosystem

Backed by its very own cloud marketplace CloudSouq, CloudHost’s strong partner and collaborator ecosystem provides you access to disruptive applications that can help you stay ahead of the fast-changing technological curve while maximizing your ROI on cloud transformation.

Expert Consulting

Backed by strong domain experts, we offer strategic cloud consulting and architectural solutions to help you navigate across your digital transformation journey and build IT ecosystems optimized for performance, security, and cost.

Managed Services

We understand that managing day-to-day infrastructure maintenance and optimization activities can eat into your productive time and hinder your expansion plans. Complementing the manufacturing cloud, our managed services empower you to dedicatedly focus on running your business while we cater to your evolving IT needs.

Flexible Pricing

CloudHost’s pay-as-you-go model provides complete transparency into how the charges are calculated and gives you complete control over your infrastructure expenditure. Be it hosting a small application or leveraging CloudHost for analyzing petabytes of data, our payment plans ensure you reap maximum profitability.

Fully Compliant Cloud

Compliant with evolving regional and global data storage and privacy regulations, our cloud solutions keep your sensitive information secure and shield you from paying hefty regulatory fines.

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