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CloudHost Overview

CloudHost is a born-in-the-cloud company that offers cloud transformation solutions to businesses. Headquartered in Dubai, the organization was founded by cloud technology experts and provides solutions such as IT modernization, managed cloud services, business continuity, and cloud consulting. With cloud services tailored to meet the digital needs of the Emirates and Middle East regions, CloudHost has helped over 350 organizations in the region achieve their digital transformation and business expansion objectives.
With data centers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain, CloudHost’s cloud solutions provide secure, regulatory-compliant infrastructure to enhance customer experiences, reduce time to market, and lower IT maintenance costs. The company offers easily customizable cloud solutions that have helped numerous leading brands across industries expand their operations and increase their profits. Combined with its strong partner ecosystem of leading regional and global innovators, CloudHost offers Independent Software Vendors a single-window and optimized platform to scale their business and innovation efforts without the hassle of managing complex and expensive IT infrastructures.

CloudHost Overview

DOCMATE is a UAE-based healthcare software company that offers practice management solutions to hospitals, clinics, and individual healthcare providers. Their software assists with appointment scheduling, patient management, electronic health records, billing, invoicing, and inventory management. The software is highly customizable, and the company provides customer support and training. DOCMATE’s software is designed to streamline healthcare operations and improve workflows for healthcare providers.

The Challenge and it’s Solution

The Challenge

The digital health solutions provider faced challenges in delivering their digital healthcare solutions. They needed frequent hardware and software upgrades for industry compliance, which consumed resources and impeded expansion and innovation. Managing multiple vendors and integrations, posed another challenge, increasing complexity and reducing the organization’s flexibility. In addition, the digital healthcare solutions provider was challenged with maintaining regulatory compliance through constant monitoring and updating of security measures. The organization recognized these challenges and aimed to overcome them for improved cost-efficiency, security, and scalability in delivering high-quality digital healthcare solutions.

The Solution

CloudHost’s Healthcare Cloud provided the digital health solutions specialist with a dynamically scalable and fully managed state-of-the-art infrastructure for hosting their application. With its up-to-date, secure, and fully compliant infrastructure, the Healthcare Cloud enabled the digital health provider to empower its end users to safely store sensitive patient data on the public cloud. In addition, modernizing its application for the cloud, allowed the organization to integrate emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning into its solutions. CloudHost’s Healthcare Cloud with its business continuity, loss prevention, and automated backup capabilities provided the digital healthcare solutions provider with a complete solution to seamlessly and cost-effectively expand its operations.

The Result

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