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Setting New Benchmarks in Data Protection

In today’s competitive business environment, data is more than just information; it’s an asset. Protecting this asset is where Veeam, a leader in data protection, shines. Now, with the integration of Cloudhost DataLife, Veeam’s capabilities are further amplified. This powerful combination ensures that businesses achieve an impressive 99.9% data recovery rate. Moreover, with Cloudhost DataLife’s cloud expertise, Veeam offers unlimited storage capabilities, leading to a 40% reduction in infrastructure costs. The streamlined solutions provided by this synergy mean that data replication times are reduced by up to 50%, ensuring businesses can bounce back from challenges faster than ever.


Recovery Assurance

Ensures that data can be recovered as promised, meeting all predefined recovery objectives.

Recovery Groups

Allows for the grouping of related applications and data, ensuring coordinated recovery.

Efficient Design

Streamlined architecture that maximizes data protection while minimizing resource usage.

Network Flexibility

Adaptable network configurations to cater to diverse recovery scenarios.

Simplified Pricing

Transparent and predictable pricing models without hidden costs.

Fully-Managed Cloudhost DataLife

End-to-end disaster recovery management, eliminating the need for in-house expertise.

Cloudhost DataLife Deployment Service

Swift and hassle-free deployment of disaster recovery solutions.

Self-Service Testing

Empower businesses to test their disaster recovery plans independently.

Expanded Benefits of Cloudhost DataLife for Veeam

Enhanced Data Security

With the integration of Cloudhost DataLife, Veeam offers top-tier protection against evolving data threats, ensuring that businesses can operate with confidence in their data’s safety.

Cost Efficiency

The synergy between Veeam and Cloudhost DataLife leads to significant savings in infrastructure and maintenance costs, making advanced data protection more affordable for businesses of all sizes.


As businesses grow, their data needs expand. With Cloudhost DataLife’s expertise, Veeam ensures that businesses can easily adapt to these growing data needs without major infrastructural changes.

Global Accessibility

In today’s globalized business environment, having data accessible from any location is crucial. Veeam, powered by Cloudhost DataLife, ensures this global accessibility, enhancing operational efficiency.

Expert Support

Round-the-clock assistance from industry experts ensures that businesses have the support they need, whenever they need it.

E-commerce Platforms

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Educational Institutions

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Manufacturing Industries

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Veeam data platform offers comprehensive data protection, easy scalability, and cost-effective solutions.
The Veeam Advanced data Fetcher ensures faster and more efficient data retrieval during backup processes.
Veeam focuses on data protection, recovery, and management across various sectors, including e-commerce, healthcare, finance, education, and manufacturing.
Veeam’s solutions, especially when integrated with Cloudhost DataLife, are tailored to meet the diverse needs of enterprise customers, ensuring top-tier data protection and recovery.
Absolutely! AppLite is designed to scale with your business needs, ensuring consistent performance even during high traffic periods and large-scale operations.

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